Network Instances Behavior

PAN-OS Specific Behavior for the openconfig-network-instance model.
When using the openconfig-network-instance model with PAN-OS:
  • BGP is supported under the named path for /bgp as well as /network-instances/network-instance/protocols/protocol/bgp.
  • OSPFv2 is supported under the named path as well as /network-instances/network-instance/protocols/protocol/ospfv2.
  • See BGP, OSPF Version 2, and Routing Policy for more information about setting protocols and routing policies using the network-instances container.
  • Once set, you can't make updates to virtual router name via OpenConfig.
  • Switching interfaces between virtual routers in the same transaction is not supported.
When moving a tunnel interface between virtual routers within a single transaction you must:
  • Have one replace operation which lists current interfaces without the new tunnel interface.
  • Have another replace operation which adds the new tunnel interface that you intend to move.

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