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Interfaces Behavior

PAN-OS specific behavior for the openconfig-interfaces model.
Review the deviation file before using the openconfig-interfaces model to familiarize yourself with supported paths.

General Behavior

When using the interfaces model with PAN-OS:
  • To set the IPv4 address of the main interface instead of a subinterface, use 0 as the index of the subinterface. If the interface doesn't exist, the interface will be created.
  • Loopback interfaces only support non-zero subinterface indexes.
  • Interfaces will be added to default_l3 or default_l2 zone based on their interface types (Layer3 or Layer2). These zones will automatically be created with the first interface additions of these types.
  • Setting /interfaces/interface/config/auto-notification to false converts port-speed to SPEED_1G and duplex-mode to Full.
  • Local-Link IPv6 addresses are not shown in Get requests.
  • PAN-OS deletes then adds entries when editing the interface host portion value, IPv6 address object if the Use Interface as Host-ID Portion check box is checked in the user interface, and comments.

VLAN Interfaces

For VLAN Interfaces:
  • PAN-OS requires static ARP entries for VLAN interfaces to specify the physical output interface. The OpenConfig model does not provide that data so the neighbor data (ARP entries) can only be retrieved.

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