Enable Device Telemetry

You can configure the telemetry data that PAN-OS collects and shares with Palo Alto Networks
By default, your device does not share data with Palo Alto Networks. If sharing is enabled, you can stop sharing all device telemetry by:
, uncheck the
Enable Telemetry
box, and then commit your change.
To enable Device Telemetry so that data is shared with Palo Alto Networks:
  1. Enable Cortex Data Lake.
    1. If your organization does not have a Cortex Data Lake license, install a device certificate if one is not already installed on your device.
      If your organization does have a Cortex Data Lake license, make sure it is activated.
    2. Make sure that your network is properly configured so that the firewall can send data to Cortex Data Lake.
  2. Navigate to
  3. Edit the
  4. In
    Telemetry Destination
    , select your region. If your organization is using Cortex Data Lake, you must use the region that your Cortex Data Lake is configured to use.
  5. Click
    , and then commit your changes.

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