Advanced URL Filtering

Advanced URL filtering is a subscription service that supplements the PAN-DB URL filtering solution to provide real time URL analysis using machine learning techniques to generate a more accurate analysis of URLs than possible with traditional web database filtering techniques alone. This provides protection against malicious URLs that are updated or introduced before URL filtering databases have an opportunity to analyze and add the content, giving attackers an open period from which they can launch precision attack campaigns. Advanced URL filtering compensates for the coverage gaps inherent in database solutions by providing real time URL analysis on a per request basis. The ML-based models used by advanced URL filtering have been trained, and are continuously updated, to detect various malicious URLs, phishing web pages, and C2. When a user visits a URL designated as risky, the firewall submits the URL to the advanced URL filtering service for analysis using machine learning to determine its threat category. Using this verdict, the firewall enforces web-access rules based on your policy configuration. An active advanced URL filtering license is required to Enable Advanced URL Filtering. Additionally, you must define a web traffic policy in your URL filtering profile to control the traffic according to your organization’s web usage policies.
The URL filtering Test A Site website—an online URL Filtering cloud database resource — also leverages data from advanced URL filtering to show improved categorization of URLs.
This subscription service is available on firewalls operating PAN-OS 9.0 and later, with the installation of content release 8390-6607.
The Advanced URL Filtering security subscription is not available on CN-Series firewalls.

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