: Create a Tag (REST API)
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Create a Tag (REST API)

Tags allow you to group objects using keywords or phrases.
Link tags are tags that enable you use to identify groups of physical interfaces specifically for an SD-WAN configuration on Panorama™. Some examples of link tags are Low Cost Paths, General Access, Private HQ, and Backup. The following is an example of a REST API request to create a link tag.
curl -X POST 'https://<Panorama>/restapi/v10.0/objects/tags?location=device-group&device-group=SD-WAN_Branch&name=Low-Cost-Paths' -H 'X-PAN-KEY: <your key> -d '{"entry": {"@name": "Low-Cost-Paths”, “comments”: “Groups two low cost broadband links and a backup link” } }'

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