: User-ID Agent 10.0 Addressed Issues

User-ID Agent 10.0 Addressed Issues

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User-ID Agent 10.0 Addressed Issues

Want to know if there are any addressed issues related to the Windows User-ID™ agent 10.0 release?
The following table lists any issues that are fixed in User-ID agent 10.0 releases. For new features, associated software versions, known issues, or changes in default behavior, see User-ID Agent 10.0 Release Information.
For recent updates to addressed issues for a given PAN-OS® release, refer to https://live.paloaltonetworks.com/t5/Integration-Articles/Critical-Issues-Addressed-in-PAN-OS-Releases/ta-p/52882.

User-ID Agent 10.0.6 Addressed Issues

Fixed an issue where the Windows Server would restart unexpectedly when the credential service was initiated.
The fix requires Windows Server 2019. If you are unable to use Windows Server 2019 as the agent host, use an alternate credential phishing prevention method, such as
Group Mapping
IP User Mapping

User-ID Agent 10.0.5 Addressed Issues

Fixed an issue where the User-ID credential service did not successfully retrieve user credentials.
Fixed an issue where an error occurred when integrating the User-ID agent with AirWatch mobile device management (MDM) for compiling host information profile (HIP) reports for GlobalProtect on mobile endpoints. The agent failed to retrieve HIP reports related to mobile devices with unique device identifiers (UDIDs) containing uppercase letters (for example, Apple iPhone XS or XR) with the following error message:
Unable to get device from cache

User-ID Agent 10.0.4 Addressed Issues

vCenter servers only
) Fixed an issue where the User-ID agent did not successfully connect to the vCenter server and displayed a
failed to get updates
error message.
Fixed an issue where the User-ID agent experienced a delay in sending the updated user mappings to the firewall after observing logon or logoff events on the directory.
Fixed an issue that occurred after importing the certificate to the User-ID agent where the MDM service started but disconnected from the firewall after a few seconds.

User-ID Agent 10.0.3 Addressed Issues

Fixed an issue where the firewall did not receive group member information if an LDAP proxy was enabled for the User-ID agent.
Fixed an issue where the User-ID agent buffer did not reset correctly, which caused the agent to display the following error message:
UDP: NO room in buffer anymore. Processing message inband, may start dropping messages
Fixed an issue for the Windows User-ID agent where the agent restarted unexpectedly if it connected to a syslog server that had more than 50 active TCP connections that were reset.
Fixed an issue where if the Windows User-ID agent was configured as a syslog listener and handled the syslog login and logout messages at the same time, the User-ID agent was unable to delete the user mapping.
Fixed an issue where a memory leak caused the credential service to crash on Windows Server 2016.

User-ID Agent 10.0.2 Addressed Issues

Fixed an issue for the User-ID Credential Service where an LDAP bind failure occurred after enabling the LDAP over SSL "Require Signing" feature on the domain controller.
Fixed an issue where adding to the Exclude List or Include List displayed the following error: "Network mask is invalid." This issue has been resolved so that you can now include or exclude all subnets by using at the top of the list, instead of manually adding every subnet.

User-ID Agent 10.0.1 Addressed Issues

Fixed an issue where the User-ID agent reset the TCP connection with the syslog server when incoming messages spanned multiple TCP segments, which resulted in missing IP address-to-username mapping information on the agent and firewall.

User-ID Agent 10.0.0 Addressed Issues

This User-ID agent 10.0.0 release has no updates or addressed issues. The User-ID agent 10.0.0 release was provided to maintain parity with Terminal Server (TS) agent 10.0.0 releases.

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