User-ID Agent 10.0 Addressed Issues

Want to know if there are any addressed issues related to the Windows User-ID™ agent 10.0 release?
The following table lists any issues that are fixed in User-ID agent 10.0 releases. For new features, associated software versions, known issues, or changes in default behavior, see User-ID Agent 10.0 Release Information.
For recent updates to addressed issues for a given PAN-OS® release, refer to

User-ID Agent 10.0.1 Addressed Issues

Fixed an issue where the User-ID agent reset the TCP connection with the syslog server when incoming messages spanned multiple TCP segments, which resulted in missing IP address-to-username mapping information on the agent and firewall.

User-ID Agent 10.0.0 Addressed Issues

This User-ID agent 10.0.0 release has no updates or addressed issues. The User-ID agent 10.0.0 release was provided to maintain parity with Terminal Server (TS) agent 10.0.0 releases.

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