Clear Application Usage Data

Clear (reset) application usage data for Security policy rules.
You can use a CLI command to clear application usage data for an individual Security policy rule and reset
Apps Seen
and other application usage data.
  1. Find the UUID of the Security policy rule whose application usage data you want to clear.
    There are two ways to find the UUID in the UI:
    • In
      , copy the UUID from the
      Rule UUID
    • In
      , select
      Copy UUID
      in the rule
      drop-down menu.
  2. Switch from the UI to the CLI.
    Use the UUID you captured in the UI to clear the rule’s application usage data:
    admin@PA-VM>clear policy-app-usage-data ruleuuid <uuid-value>
    Paste or type the rule’s UUID as the value and execute the command to clear the rule’s application usage data.

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