Install a Device Certificate

Install a device certificate from the firewall.
Your next-generation firewall can leverage cloud services such as Device Telemetry and IoT. To do this, you must install a device certificate to successfully authenticate the firewall with the Palo Alto Networks Customer Support Portal (CSP) to leverage these cloud services. The circumstances under which a device certificate is required will differ from feature to feature, so install a device certificate only if the feature's setup documentation tells you that this needs to be done.
You only need to install a device certificate once. Every feature that uses device certificates will use the certificate installed on your firewall if it already exists.
You can install a device certificate to firewalls that are managed by Panorama. If you want to install a device certificate directly to a single next-generation firewall (that is, you are
using Panorama):
  1. Generate the One Time Password (OTP).
    1. Select
      Device Certificates
      Generate OTP
    2. For the
      Device Type
      , select
      Generate OTP for Next-Gen Firewalls
    3. Select your
      PAN OS Device
      serial number.
    4. Generate OTP
      and copy the OTP.
  2. Log in to your next-generation firewall as an admin user.
  3. Select
    Device Certificate
    Get certificate
  4. Paste the
    One-time Password
    you generated and click
  5. Your next-generation firewall successfully retrieves and installs the certificate.

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