Custom Report Templates for Decryption

Create custom reports that filter the logs and query for exactly the decryption information that you need to know.
You can create Custom Reports and generate them for decryption events based on Decryption log fields and custom templates. Select log fields to include in custom reports and select templates to refine the log query:
  1. Monitor
    Manage Custom Reports
  2. Add
    a custom report.
  3. To configure the Decryption log fields to use in the custom report, select
    as the
    Available Columns
    list changes to match the columns available in the Decryption log. Select and add the columns (information) that you want to include in the custom report. If you don’t want to refine the custom report any further, click
    to generate the report.
  4. If desired, refine the output of the custom Decryption report using the Query Builder and the four templates introduced in PAN-OS 10.0. To select a template to filter the report output, click
    Load Template
    and select from the four Decryption templates:
column shows the filter query that each template represents.
the desired query and then click
to generate the custom report.

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