Manage Locks for Restricting Configuration Changes

You can use configuration locks to prevent other administrators from changing the candidate configuration or from committing configuration changes until you manually remove the lock or the firewall automatically removes it (after a commit). Locks ensure that administrators don’t make conflicting changes to the same settings or interdependent settings during concurrent login sessions.
The firewall queues commit requests and performs them in the order that administrators initiate the commits. For details, see Commit, Validate, and Preview Firewall Configuration Changes. To view the status of queued commits, see Manage and Monitor Administrative Tasks.
  • View details about current locks.
    For example, you can check whether other administrators have set locks and read comments they entered to explain the locks.
    Click the lock at the top of the web interface. An adjacent number indicates the number of current locks.
  • Lock a configuration.
    1. Click the lock at the top of the web interface.
      The lock image varies based on whether existing locks are or are not set.
    2. Take a Lock
      and select the lock
      • Config
        —Blocks other administrators from changing the candidate configuration.
      • Commit
        —Blocks other administrators from committing changes made to the candidate configuration.
    3. (
      Firewall with multiple virtual systems only
      ) Select a
      to lock the configuration for a specific virtual system or the
    4. (
      ) As a best practice, enter a
      so that other administrators will understand the reason for the lock.
    5. Click
  • Unlock a configuration.
    Only a superuser or the administrator who locked the configuration can manually unlock it. However, the firewall automatically removes a lock after completing the commit operation.
    1. Click the lock at the top of the web interface.
    2. Select the lock entry in the list.
    3. Click
      Remove Lock
      , and
  • Configure the firewall to automatically apply a commit lock when you change the candidate configuration. This setting applies to all administrators.
    1. Select
      and edit the General Settings.
    2. Select
      Automatically Acquire Commit Lock
      and then click

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