Monitor Transceivers

You can monitor the status of transceivers in your physical appliance or device to enable easier installation and troubleshooting. Diagnostics that can be viewed are transmitted bias current, transmitted power, received power, transceiver temperature, and power supply voltage. See below for a list of devices that support transceiver monitoring.
  • PA-800 Series
  • PA-3200 Series
  • PA-5200 Series
  • PA-7000 Series
Use the Command Line Interface to run transceiver monitoring. See the following table for all available CLI commands.
If you run commands on an incompatible transceiver, the CLI will return 'n/a' for any diagnostic information it cannot read.
show transceiver <interface name>
View a summary of the specified transceiver with values for each diagnostic.
admin@PA-7080> show transceiver ethernet11/25
The CLI will return values for Temperature, Voltage, Current, Tx Power, and Rx Power.
show transceiver-detail <interface name>
Receive more detailed transceiver specifications, including vendor information and link lengths. The CLI will also provide more detailed diagnostic information.
show transceiver all
View a list of all active transceivers as well as a summary of each of their diagnostics.
show transceiver-detail all
Get comprehensive details on each transceiver in the device.

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