HOST-RESOURCES-MIB provides information for host computer resources. Use this MIB to monitor CPU and memory usage statistics. For example, checking the current CPU load (hrProcessorLoad object) can help you troubleshoot performance issues on the firewall.
Palo Alto Networks firewalls, Panorama, and WF-500 appliances support portions of the following object groups:
Object Group
Provides information such as CPU load, storage capacity, and partition size. The hrProcessorLoad OIDs provide an average of the cores that process packets.
For the PA-7000 and PA-5200 Series firewalls, which have multiple dataplanes (DPs), you can monitor individual dataplane processor utilization. Set alerts when utilization reaches a specific threshold for each DP processor to avoid service availability issues.
Provides information such as system uptime, number of current user sessions, and number of current processes.
Provides information such as the amount of used storage.
RFC 2790 defines this MIB.

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