Configure the Expiration Period and Run Time for Reports

The expiration period and run time are global settings that apply to all Report Types. After running new reports, the firewall automatically deletes reports that exceed the expiration period.
  1. Select
    , edit the Logging and Reporting Settings, and select the
    Log Export and Reporting
  2. Set the
    Report Runtime
    to an hour in the 24-hour clock schedule (default is 02:00; range is 00:00 [midnight] to 23:00).
  3. Enter the
    Report Expiration Period
    in days (default is no expiration; range is 1 is 2,000).
    You can’t change the storage that the firewall allocates for saving reports: it is predefined at about 200 MB. When the firewall reaches the storage maximum, it automatically deletes older reports to create space even if you don’t set a
    Report Expiration Period
  4. Click

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