Plan a Large-Scale User-ID Deployment

When deciding whether to use Windows Log Forwarding and Global Catalog servers for your User-ID implementation, consult your system administrator to determine:
  • Bandwidth required for domain controllers to forward login events to member servers. The bandwidth is a multiple of the login rate (number of logins per minute) of the domain controllers and the byte size of each login event.
    Domain controllers won’t forward their entire security logs, they forward only the events that the user mapping process requires per login: four events for Windows Server 2012 and MS Exchange.
  • Whether the following network elements support the required bandwidth:
    • Domain controllers
      —Must support the processing load associated with forwarding the events.
    • Member Servers
      —Must support the processing load associated with receiving the events.
    • Connections
      —The geographic distribution (local or remote) of the domain controllers, member servers, and Global Catalog servers is a factor. Generally, a remote distribution supports less bandwidth.

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