URL Filtering Features

Explore new URL filtering features introduced in PAN-OS
New URL Filtering Feature
Enhanced Handling of SSL/TLS Handshakes for Decrypted Traffic
The firewall now inspects SSL/TLS handshakes to enforce Security policy as early as possible, addressing concerns that malicious actors may use the handshake to exfiltrate data. You can enable this functionality if you have a URL Filtering subscription, configure SSL/TLS decryption, and block specific URL categories in Security policy rules.
Advanced URL Filtering Security Subscription
The Advanced URL Filtering security subscription is a new, cloud-based ML-powered web security engine that protects against today’s most evasive and targeted web-based attacks. Advanced URL Filtering performs ML-based inspection of web traffic in real-time, reducing reliance on URL databases and out-of-band web crawling to detect and prevent advanced, file-less web-based attacks including targeted phishing, web-delivered malware and exploits, command-and-control, social engineering, and other types of web attacks.

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