Panorama Plugins Upgrade/Downgrade Considerations

Upgrade/downgrade considerations for Panorama plugins.
The following table lists the new features that have upgrade or downgrade impact. Make sure you understand fall upgrade/downgrade considerations before you upgrade to or downgrade from a PAN-OS 10.1 release. For additional information about PAN-OS 10.1 releases, refer to the PAN-OS 10.1 Release Notes.
Panorama Plugins Upgrade/Downgrade Considerations
Upgrade Considerations
Downgrade Considerations
After successful upgrade of Panorama to PAN-OS 10.1 and the Panorama plugin for SD-WAN to version 2.1, you must clear the SD-WAN cache on Panorama for existing SD-WAN deployments only.
Clearing the SD-WAN cache does not delete any existing SD-WAN configuration but deletes the IP address, tunnel, and gateway naming conventions for the new format introduced in Panorama plugin for SD-WAN version 2.1.
For new deployments of SD-WAN, you do not need to clear the SD-WAN cache on Panorama if you install the Panorama plugin for SD-WAN version 2.1 on Panorama after you upgrade to PAN-OS 10.1.
  1. Clear the SD-WAN cache on Panorama.
    debug plugins sd_wan drop-config-cache all

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