Troubleshoot Your Panorama Upgrade

What troubleshooting can I do for my Panorama upgrade?
To troubleshoot your Panorama upgrade, use the following table to review possible issues and how to resolve them.
The software warranty license expired.
From the CLI, delete the expired license key:
  1. Enter
    delete license key <software license key>
  2. Enter
    delete license key Software_Warranty<expiredate>.key
The latest PAN-OS software versions were not available.
You can only see software versions that are one feature release ahead of the current installed version. For example, if you have an 8.1 release installed, only 9.0 releases will be available to you. To see 9.1 releases, you first have to upgrade to 9.0.
(Panorama Virtual Appliance in Legacy Mode only) The upgrade version failed to preload into the software manager.
This issue occurs when there are not enough resources available. You can either increase the virtual machine capacity or migrate from Legacy mode to Panorama mode.

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