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Telemetry is the process of collecting and transmitting data for threat and support analysis, and to enable application logic. To collect and transmit telemetry to Palo Alto Networks, you must first select a destination region. If your organization currently has a Cortex Data Lake license, then your destination region is limited to the region where your Cortex Data Lake instance resides.
Telemetry data is used to power applications that increase your ability to manage and configure your Palo Alto Networks products and services. These apps offer you improved visibility into device health, performance, capacity planning, and configuration. Palo Alto Networks also continually uses this data to improve threat prevention, and to help you maximize your product usage benefits.
to see the currently collected telemetry categories. To change these categories, edit the Telemetry widget. Deselect any categories that you don't want the firewall to collect, and commit your change.
Generate Telemetry File
to obtain a live example of the data that the firewall will send to Palo Alto Networks at the next telemetry transmission interval.
To disable telemetry transmission entirely, make sure
Enable Telemetry
is not checked, and commit your change.

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