SD-WAN Target Tab

Target tab in the SD-WAN policy rule configuration window.
  • Policies
Select the
tab to select the managed devices to push the SD-WAN policy rules to. This tab is supported only on the Panorama management server.
Any (target all devices)
Enable (check) to push the SD-WAN policy rule to all devices by the Panorama management server.
Select one or more devices to which to push the SD-WAN policy rule. You can filter devices based on device state, platform, device group, templates, tags, or HA status.
Specify the tag for the policy.
A policy tag is a keyword or phrase that allows you to sort or filter policies. This is useful when you have defined many policies and want to view those that are tagged with a particular keyword. For example, you may want to tag certain rules with specific words like Decrypt and No-decrypt, or use the name of a specific data center for policies associated with that location.
You can also add tags to the default rules.
Target to all but these specified devices and tags
Enable (check) to target and push the policy rule to all devices except for the selected

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