User-ID Agent 10.1 Addressed Issues

Want to know if there are any addressed issues related to the Windows User-ID™ agent 10.1 releases?
The following table lists any issues that are fixed in the User-ID agent 10.1 releases. For new features, associated software versions, known issues, or changes in default behavior, see User-ID Agent 10.1 Release Information.
For recent updates to addressed issues for a given PAN-OS® release, refer to

User-ID Agent 10.1.1 Addressed Issues

Fixed an issue where the Windows Server would restart unexpectedly when the credential service was initiated.
The fix requires Windows Server 2019. If you are unable to use Windows Server 2019 as the agent host, use an alternate credential phishing prevention method, such as
Group Mapping
IP User Mapping

User-ID Agent 10.1.0 Addressed Issues

Fixed an issue where the User-ID agent would intermittently restart unexpectedly due to IP address-to-username mapping deletion triggered by probing.

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