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Service Routes Overview

Access external services using a service route from a firewall interface.
The firewall uses the management (MGT) interface by default to access external services, such as DNS servers, external authentication servers, Palo Alto Networks
services such as software, URL updates, licenses and AutoFocus. An alternative to using the MGT interface is to configure a data port (a regular interface) to access these services. The path from the interface to the service on a server is known as a service route. The service packets exit the firewall on the port assigned for the external service and the server sends its response to the configured source interface and source IP address.
You can Configure Service Routes globally for the firewall or customize service routes for a virtual system on a firewall enabled for multiple virtual systems so that you have the flexibility to use interfaces associated with a virtual system. Any virtual system that does not have a service route configured for a particular service inherits the interface and IP address that are set globally for that service.

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