Hardware Features

What new hardware features are in PAN-OS 10.2?
New Hardware Feature
WF-500-B Appliance
The WF-500-B appliance is available for PAN-OS 10.2.2 and later
The WF-500-B firewall is the newest on-premises hardware that offers dedicated sandboxing capabilities. This WildFire appliance features improved speeds over its predecessor, the WF-500.
PA-3400 Series Firewalls
The PA-3400 Series delivers a superior NGFW solution for the internet gateway and campus segmentation use case, offering comprehensive security capabilities without compromising on performance and flexible network interface options enabling network consolidation and high speed connectivity up to 100 Gbps.
PA-5410, PA-5420, and PA-5430 Firewalls
The new PA-5400 Series models provide the highest fixed form-factor firewalls in the Palo Alto Networks NGFW portfolio. These firewalls offer comprehensive security capabilities and high capacity interfaces for use cases that include large enterprise data centers, Internet gateways, and large campus environments.
M-300 and M-700 Appliances
These new M-Series models are multi-functional appliances that you can configure to run in Panorama™ Management mode, Panorama Management-only mode, Panorama Log Collector mode, or PAN-DB Private Cloud mode. These models include the following main features when compared to the M-200 and M-600 appliances:
  • Improved responsiveness with faster CPU and more memory
  • Increased log ingestion rate
  • Support for larger configuration sizes

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