IoT Security Features

Learn about new IoT Security capabilities in PAN-OS
New IoT Security Feature
Simplified IoT Onboarding
When onboarding IoT Security, you can now select a predefined Log Forwarding profile and apply it to multiple Security policy rules. This simplifies the previous onboarding process where you had to create a Log Forwarding profile and apply it individually to each Security policy rule.
Data Collection for IoT Security
You can now collect data for devices whose traffic doesn’t pass through a firewall by mirroring their traffic on network switches and sending it to the firewall through an Encapsulated Remote Switched Port Analyzer (ERSPAN) tunnel. After the firewall decapsulates the traffic, PAN-OS logs the traffic the same as if it had terminated on a TAP port. The firewall then sends the logs to the logging service where IoT Security accesses and analyzes it.

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