Management Features

What new management features are in PAN-OS 10.2?
New Management Feature
AIOps for NGFW
Streamline your firewall operations with AIOps for NGFW, a new product offered on the hub. AIOps for NGFW leverages PAN-OS device telemetry and best practice assessments to give you up-to-date information about device health and security posture. This information includes alerts, interactive dashboards, remediation recommendations, and more.
Selective Commit of Configuration Changes
PAN-OS 10.2 allows firewall and Panorama administrators to review and select specific configuration objects to commit, including configuration changes made by other administrators. Leveraging selective commit allows you to maintain your defined operational procedure while still being able to successfully make independent configuration changes not defined in your operational scope.
Simplified Software Upgrade
Firewalls and Panorama management servers now validate software upgrades before you install them. This allows more steps to be completed prior to the software installation, which speeds up software upgrades and increases confidence in the upgrade process. For example, prior to downloading the target release, the appliance displays any required software, including intermediate software versions and content dependencies, which you can download along with the target release in one step. You can also use an SCP server as a download source and view a history of software upgrades.

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