Downgrade a Firewall to a Previous Maintenance Release

Downgrade to a maintenance release
Because maintenance releases do not introduce new features, you can downgrade to a previous maintenance release in the same feature release without having to restore the previous configuration. A maintenance release is a release in which the third digit in the release version changes, for example a downgrade from 8.1.6 to 8.1.4 is considered a maintenance release downgrade because only the third digit in the release version is different.
Use the following procedure to downgrade to a previous maintenance release within the same feature release.
  1. Save a backup of the current configuration file.
    Although the firewall automatically creates a backup of the configuration, it is a best practice to create a backup before you downgrade and store it externally.
    1. Export named configuration snapshot
    2. Select the XML file that contains your running configuration (for example,
      ) and click
      to export the configuration file.
    3. Save the exported file to a location external to the firewall. You can use this backup to restore the configuration if you have problems with the downgrade.
  2. Install the previous maintenance release image.
    If your firewall does not have internet access from the management port, you can download the software update from the Palo Alto Networks Support Portal. You can then manually
    it to your firewall.
    1. Check Now
      ) for available images.
    2. Locate the version to which you want to downgrade. If the image is not already downloaded, then
    3. After the download completes,
      the image.
    4. After the installation completes successfully, reboot using one of the following methods:
      • If you are prompted to reboot, click
      • If you are not prompted to reboot, go to Device Operations (
        ) and
        Reboot Device

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