Upgrade Panorama for Increased Device Management Capacity

Upgrade the M-600 appliance or a Panorama™ virtual appliance to PAN-OS 9.1 or later releases for increased device management capacity.
Upgrade to PAN-OS 9.1 or later releases to use your existing device management license on your M-600 appliance to manage up to 5,000 firewalls or Panorama™ virtual appliance to manage up to 2,500 firewalls.
  1. Increase CPUs and Memory for the Panorama Virtual Appliance if the Panorama virtual appliance does not already meet the minimum resource requirements for increased device management.
    Review the Increased Device Management Capacity Requirements to verify whether your existing Panorama virtual appliance meets the minimum requirements before upgrading.
  2. Change the Panorama management server to Management Only if Panorama is not already in this mode.
  3. Select
    and verify that the device management license is successfully activated.
    If you activated your device management license and then upgraded to PAN-OS 9.1 or later release, you can manage up to 5,000 firewalls with an M-600 appliance, or up to 2,500 firewalls with a Panorama virtual appliance, but the Description still displays
    Device management license to manage up to 1000 devices

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