LLDP Syslog Messages and SNMP Traps

The firewall stores LLDP information in MIBs, which an SNMP Manager can monitor. If you want the firewall to send SNMP trap notifications and syslog messages about LLDP events, you must enable
SNMP Syslog Notification
in an LLDP profile.
Per RFC 5424, The Syslog Protocol, and RFC 1157, A Simple Network Management Protocol, LLDP sends syslog and SNMP trap messages when MIB changes occur. These messages are rate-limited by the
Notification Interval
, an LLDP global setting that defaults to 5 seconds and is configurable.
Because the LLDP syslog and SNMP trap messages are rate-limited, some LLDP information provided to those processes might not match the current LLDP statistics seen when you View the LLDP status information. This is normal, expected behavior.
A maximum of 5 MIBs can be received per interface (Ethernet or AE). Each different source has one MIB. If this limit is exceeded, the error message
is triggered.

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