Hardware Features

What new hardware features are in PAN-OS 11.0?
New Hardware Feature
PA-415 and PA-445 Firewalls
The PA-415 and PA-445 firewalls offer an improved price to performance ratio with features such as Power Over Ethernet (PoE) capability, fiber ports, higher scalability, and enhanced boot times.
PA-1400 Series Firewalls
The PA-1410 and PA-1420 are intended for distributed enterprises, branches, and small to mid-sized businesses. These models feature Power Over Ethernet (PoE) capability, power redundancy, and Multi-Gig ports.
PA-5440 Firewall
The PA-5440 is the highest scale fixed form-factor firewall that Palo Alto Networks currently offers. The PA-5440 can process more sessions and features higher threat capabilities.

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