Management Features

What new management features are in PAN-OS 11.0?
New Management Feature
Skip Software Version Upgrade
You can now upgrade and downgrade standalone and Panorama managed devices running 10.1 or later more efficiently by skipping up to three software versions. You can skip either two major releases and one minor release, or one major release and two minor releases. The ability to skip multiple software releases during an upgrade or downgrade shortens the time needed for the maintenance window and enables you to take advantage of the latest PAN-OS innovations more quickly. This feature also enhances the capabilities of the multi-image download option and pre-install validation check, which reduces the number of steps in the process.
TLSv1.3 Support for Management Access
PAN-OS 11.0 introduces two management configuration options that let you define TLSv1.3 as your preferred TLS protocol and select a TLSv1.3 certificate. You can use the new settings to specify the TLS versions and certificates your management interface supports outside of SSL/TLS service profiles. For example, you can select
TLS mode for a faster, more secure connection that meets your regulatory requirements.
Multi-Vsys Capability for the PA-400 Series Firewalls
Multiple virtual systems featuring shared gateway support are now available for most PA-400 Series firewalls with a multi-vsys license. PA-440 firewalls support up to two virtual systems. PA-450 and PA-460 firewalls support up to five virtual systems.

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