End-of-Life (EoL)

Manage New App-IDs Introduced in Content Releases

Installing new App-IDs included in a content release version can sometimes cause a change in policy enforcement for the now uniquely-identified application. Before installing a new content release, review the policy impact for new App-IDs and stage any necessary policy updates. Assess the treatment an application receives both before and after the new content is installed. You can then modify existing security policy rules using the new App-IDs contained in a downloaded content release (prior to installing the App-IDs). This enables you to simultaneously update your security policies and install new content, and allows for a seamless shift in policy enforcement. Alternatively, you can also choose to disable new App-IDs when installing a new content release version; this enables protection against the latest threats, while giving you the flexibility to enable the new App-IDs after you've had the chance to prepare any policy changes.
The following options enable you to assess the impact of new App-IDs on existing policy enforcement, disable (and enable) App-IDs, and seamlessly update policy rules to secure and enforce newly-identified applications:

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