End-of-Life (EoL)

Review New App-IDs

Review new App-ID signatures introduced in a Applications and/or Threats content update. For each new application signature introduced, you can preview the App-ID details, including a description of the application identified by the App-ID, other existing App-IDs that the new signature is dependent on (such as SSL or HTTP), and the category the application traffic received before the introduction of the new App-ID (for example, an application might be classified as web-browsing traffic before a App-ID signature is introduced that uniquely identifies the traffic). After reviewing the description and details for a new App-ID signature, review the App-ID signature impact on existing policy enforcement. When new application signatures are introduced, the newly-identified application traffic might no longer match to policies that previously enforced the application. Reviewing the policy impact for new application signatures enables you to identify the policies that will no longer enforce the application when the new App-ID is installed.
After downloading a new content release version, review the new App-IDs included in the content version and assess the impact of the new App-IDs on existing policy rules:

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