The following web browsers are supported for access to the web interface:
Internet Explorer 11+ Firefox 3.6+ Safari 5+ Chrome 11+
Launch the Web Interface
Launch an Internet browser and enter the IP address of the firewall in the URL field (https://<IP address>). By default, the management (MGT) interface allows only HTTPS access to the web interface. To enable other protocols, select Device > Setup > Management and edit the Management Interface Settings.
Enter your user Name and Password. If this is your first login session, enter the default admin for both fields.
If the login dialog has a banner, read it. If the dialog requires you to acknowledge reading the banner, select I Accept and Acknowledge the Statement Below.
Login to the web interface.
Read and Close the messages of the day. You can select Do not show again for messages you don’t want to see in future login sessions. If you want to change the language that the web interface uses, click Language at the bottom of the web interface, select a Language from the drop-down, and click OK.

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