End-of-Life (EoL)

Traffic Map Report

The App Scope Traffic Map (
App Scope
Traffic Map
) report shows a geographical view of traffic flows according to sessions or flows.
The firewall uses geolocation for creating traffic maps. The firewall is placed at the bottom of the traffic map screen, if you have not specified the geolocation coordinates (
General Settings section) on the firewall.
Each traffic type is color-coded as indicated in the legend below the chart. The Traffic Map report contains the following buttons and options.
Top 10
Determines the number of records with the highest measurement included in the chart.
Incoming threats
Displays incoming threats.
Outgoing threats
Displays outgoing threats.
Determines whether to display session or byte information.
Zoom In and Zoom Out
Zoom in and zoom out of the map.
Exports the graph as a .png image or as a PDF.
Indicates the period over which the change measurements are taken.

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