End-of-Life (EoL)

Manage PDF Summary Reports

PDF summary reports contain information compiled from existing reports, based on data for the top 5 in each category (instead of top 50). They also contain trend charts that are not available in other reports.
  1. Set up a
    PDF Summary Report
    1. Select
      PDF Reports
      Manage PDF Summary
    2. Click
      and then enter a
      for the report.
    3. Use the drop-down for each report group and select one or more of the elements to design the PDF Summary Report. You can include a maximum of 18 report elements.
      Top Threats
      is displayed as
      in the Predefined Widgets column for the PDF Summary Report.
      • To remove an element from the report, click the
        icon or clear the selection from the drop-down for the appropriate report group.
      • To rearrange the reports, drag and drop the element icons to another area of the report.
    4. Click
      OK t
      o save the report.
    5. Commit
      the changes.
  2. View the report.
    To download and view the PDF Summary Report, see View Reports.
    The following summary sections refer to the following PDF Summary Report elements:
    • Top 5 Attacks
      —Refers to the top five attackers from the
      Top threats
    • Top 5 Threats
      —Refers to the
      High risk user - Top threats
    • Top Threats report—Refers to the full list of threats from the
      Top threats

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