End-of-Life (EoL)

Manage Report Groups

Report groups allow you to create sets of reports that the system can compile and send as a single aggregate PDF report with an optional title page and all the constituent reports included.
  1. Set up report groups.
    You must set up a
    Report Group
    to email report(s).
    1. Define the
      Report Group
      . A report group can compile predefined reports, PDF Summary reports, custom reports, and Log View report into a single PDF.
      1. Select
        Report Group
      2. Click
        and then enter a
        for the report group.
      3. (
        ) Select
        Title Page
        and add a
        for the PDF output.
      4. Select reports from the left column and click
        to move each report to the report group on the right.
        Log View
        report is a report type that is automatically created each time you create a custom report and uses the same name as the custom report. This report will show the logs that were used to build the contents of the custom report.
        To include the log view data, when creating a report group, add your custom report under the
        Custom Reports
        list and then add the log view report by selecting the matching report name from the
        Log View
        list. The report will include the custom report data and the log data that was used to create the custom report.
      5. Click
        to save the settings.
      6. To use the report group, see Schedule Reports for Email Delivery.

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