End-of-Life (EoL)

Schedule Reports for Email Delivery

Reports can be scheduled for daily delivery or delivered weekly on a specified day. Scheduled reports are executed starting at 2:00 AM, and email delivery starts after all scheduled reports have been generated.
  1. Select
    PDF Reports
    Email Scheduler
    and click
  2. Enter a
    to identify the schedule.
  3. Select the
    Report Group
    for email delivery. To set up a report group; see Manage Report Groups.
  4. For the
    Email Profile
    , select an Email server profile to use for delivering the reports, or click the
    Email Profile
    link to 1
  5. Select the frequency at which to generate and send the report in
  6. The
    Override Email Addresses
    field allows you to send this report exclusively to the specified recipients. When you add recipients to the field, the firewall does not send the report to the recipients configured in the Email server profile. Use this option for those occasions when the report is for the attention of someone other than the administrators or recipients defined in the Email server profile.
  7. Click

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