End-of-Life (EoL)

Traffic Logs

Traffic logs display an entry for the start and end of each session. Each entry includes the following information: date and time; source and destination zones, addresses and ports; application name; security rule applied to the traffic flow; rule action (allow, deny, or drop); ingress and egress interface; number of bytes; and session end reason.
The Type column indicates whether the entry is for the start or end of the session. The Action column indicates whether the firewall allowed, denied, or dropped the session. A
indicates the security rule that blocked the traffic was specified for
application, while a
indicates that the rule identified a specific application. If the firewall drops traffic before identifying the application, such as when a rule drops all traffic for a specific service, the Application column displays not-applicable.
Click beside an entry to view additional details about the session, such as whether an ICMP entry aggregates multiple sessions between the same source and destination (in which case the Count column value is greater than one).

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