The App Scope Network Monitor report ( Monitor > App Scope > Network Monitor) displays the bandwidth dedicated to different network functions over the specified period of time. Each network function is color-coded as indicated in the legend below the chart. For example, the image below shows application bandwidth for the past 7 days based on session information.
The Network Monitor report contains the following buttons and options.
Button Description
Top 10 Determines the number of records with the highest measurement included in the chart.
Application Determines the type of item reported: Application, Application Category, Source, or Destination.
Filter Applies a filter to display only the selected item. None displays all entries.
Determines whether to display session or byte information.
Export Exports the graph as a .png image or as a PDF.
Determines whether the information is presented in a stacked column chart or a stacked area chart.
Indicates the period over which the change measurements are taken.

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