You can schedule exports of Traffic, Threat, URL Filtering, Data Filtering, HIP Match, and WildFire Submission logs to a Secure Copy (SCP) server or File Transfer Protocol (FTP) server. Perform this task for each log type you want to export.
You can use Secure Copy (SCP) commands from the CLI to export the entire log database to an SCP server and import it to another firewall. Because the log database is too large for an export or import to be practical on the following platforms, they do not support these options: PA-7000 Series firewalls (all PAN-OS releases), Panorama virtual appliance running Panorama 6.0 or later releases, and Panorama M-Series appliances (all Panorama releases).
Schedule Log Exports to an SCP or FTP Server
Select Device > Scheduled Log Export and click Add.
Enter a Name for the scheduled log export and Enable it.
Select the Log Type to export.
Select the daily Scheduled Export Start Time. The options are in 15-minute increments for a 24-hour clock (00:00 - 23:59).
Select the Protocol to export the logs: SCP (secure) or FTP.
Enter the Hostname or IP address of the server.
Enter the Port number. By default, FTP uses port 21 and SCP uses port 22.
Enter the Path or directory in which to save the exported logs.
Enter the Username and, if necessary, the Password (and Confirm Password) to access the server.
( FTP only ) Select Enable FTP Passive Mode if you want to use FTP passive mode, in which the firewall initiates a data connection with the FTP server. By default, the firewall uses FTP active mode, in which the FTP server initiates a data connection with the firewall. Choose the mode based on what your FTP server supports and on your network requirements.
( SCP only ) Click Test SCP server connection. Before establishing a connection, the firewall must accept the host key for the SCP server. If you use a Panorama template to configure the log export schedule, you must perform this step after committing the template configuration to the firewalls. After the template commit, log in to each firewall, open the log export schedule, and click Test SCP server connection.
Click OK and Commit.

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