End-of-Life (EoL)


IF-MIB supports interface types (physical and logical) and larger counters (64K) beyond those defined in MIB-II. Use this MIB to monitor interface statistics in addition to those that MIB-II provides. For example, to monitor the current bandwidth of high-speed interfaces (greater than 2.2Gps) such as the 10G interfaces of the PA-5000 Series firewalls, you must check the ifHighSpeed object in IF-MIB instead of the ifSpeed object in MIB-II. IF-MIB statistics can be useful when evaluating the capacity of your network.
Palo Alto Networks firewalls, Panorama, and WF-500 appliances support only the ifXTable in IF-MIB, which provides interface information such as the number of multicast and broadcast packets transmitted and received, whether an interface is in promiscuous mode, and whether an interface has a physical connector.
RFC 2863 defines this MIB.

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