End-of-Life (EoL)


MIB-II provides object identifiers (OIDs) for network management protocols in TCP/IP-based networks. Use this MIB to monitor general information about systems and interfaces. For example, you can analyze trends in bandwidth usage by interface type (ifType object) to determine if the firewall needs more interfaces of that type to accommodate spikes in traffic volume.
Palo Alto Networks firewalls, Panorama, and WF-500 appliances support only the following object groups:
Object Group
Provides system information such as the hardware model, system uptime, FQDN, and physical location.
Provides statistics for physical and logical interfaces such as type, current bandwidth (speed), operational status (for example, up or down), and discarded packets. Logical interface support includes VPN tunnels, aggregate groups, Layer 2 subinterfaces, Layer 3 subinterfaces, loopback interfaces, and VLAN interfaces.
RFC 1213 defines this MIB.

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