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Take a Packet Capture for Unknown Applications

Palo Alto Networks firewalls automatically generate a packet capture for sessions that contain an application that it cannot identify. Typically, the only applications that are classified as unknown traffic—tcp, udp or non-syn-tcp—are commercially available applications that do not yet have App-ID signatures, are internal or custom applications on your network, or potential threats. You can use these packet captures to gather more context related to the unknown application or use the information to analyze the traffic for potential threats. You can also Manage Custom or Unknown Applications by controlling them through security policy or by writing a custom application signature and creating a security rule based on the custom signature. If the application is a commercial application, you can submit the packet capture to Palo Alto Networks to have an App-ID signature created.
  1. Verify that unknown application packet capture is enabled. This option is on by default.
    1. To view the unknown application capture setting, run the following CLI command:
    show running application setting | match “Unknown capture”
    1. If the unknown capture setting option is off, enable it:
    set application dump-unknown yes
  2. Locate unknown application by filtering the traffic logs.
    1. Select
    2. Click
      Add Filter
      and select the filters as shown in the following example.
    1. Click
      Apply Filter
  3. Click the packet capture icon to view the packet capture or
    it to your local system.

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