End-of-Life (EoL)

ACC Filters

The graphs and tables on the ACC widgets allow you to use filters to narrow the scope of data that is displayed, so that you can isolate specific attributes and analyze information you want to view in greater detail. The ACC supports the simultaneous use of widget and global filters.
  • Widget Filters
    —Apply a widget filter, which is a filter that is
    to a specific widget. A widget filter allows you to interact with the graph and customize the display so that you can drill down in to the details and access the information you want to monitor on a specific widget. To create a widget filter that is persistent across reboots, you must use the
    Set Local Filter
  • Global filters
    —Apply global filters across all the tabs in the ACC. A global filter allows you to pivot the display around the details you care about right now and exclude the unrelated information from the current display. For example, to view all events relating to a specific user and application, you can apply the username and the application as a global filter and view only information pertaining to the user and the application through all the tabs and widgets on the ACC. Global filters are not persistent.
    You can apply global filters in three ways:
    • Set a global filter from a table
      —Select an attribute from a table in any widget and apply the attribute as a global filter.
    • Add a widget filter to a global filter
      —Hover over the attribute and click the arrow icon to the right of the attribute. This option allows you to elevate a local filter used in a widget, and apply the attribute globally to update the display across all the tabs on the ACC.
    • Define a global filter
      —Define a filter using the
      Global Filters
      pane on the ACC.
See Interact with the ACC for details on using these filters.

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