Each VM on a monitored ESXi or vCenter server must have VMware Tools installed and running. VMware Tools provide the capability to glean the IP address(es) and other values assigned to each VM.
In order to collect the values assigned to the monitored VMs, the firewall monitors the following predefined set of attributes:
Attributes Monitored on a VMware Source Attributes Monitored on the AWS-VPC
UUID Architecture
Name Guest OS
Guest OS Image ID
VM State — the power state can be poweredOff, poweredOn, standBy, and unknown. Instance ID
Annotation Instance State
Version Instance Type
Network — Virtual Switch Name, Port Group Name, and VLAN ID Key Name
Container Name —vCenter Name, Data Center Object Name, Resource Pool Name, Cluster Name, Host, Host IP address. Placement—Tenancy, Group Name, Availability Zone Private DNS Name Public DNS Name Subnet ID Tag (key, value) (up to5 tags supported per instance VPC ID

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