Create and Apply Tags
Create tags. To tag a zone, you must create a tag with the same name as the zone. When the zone is attached in policy rules, the tag color automatically displays as the background color against the zone name. Select Objects > Tags. On Panorama or a multiple virtual system firewall, select the Device Group or the Virtual System to to make the tag available. Click Add and enter a Name to identify the tag, or select a zone name from the drop-down to create a tag for a zone. The maximum length is 127 characters. (Optional) Select Shared to create the object in a shared location for access as a shared object in Panorama or for use across all virtual systems in a multiple virtual system firewall. (Optional) Assign one of the 17 predefined colors to the tag. By default, Color is None.
Click OK and Commit to save the changes.
Apply tags to policy. Select Policies and any rulebase under it. Click Add to create a policy rule and use the tagged objects you created in Step 1. Verify that the tags are in use.
Apply tags to an address object, address group, service, or service group. Create the object. For example to create a service group, select Objects > Service Groups > Add. Select a tag from the Tags drop-down or enter a name in the field to create a new tag. To edit a tag or add color to the tag, see Modify Tags.

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