End-of-Life (EoL)

WildFire Analysis Profiles

Use a WildFire analysis profile to enable the firewall to forward unknown files or email links for WildFire analysis. Specify files to be forwarded for analysis based on application, file type, and transmission direction (upload or download). Files or email links matched to the profile rule are forwarded either the WildFire public cloud or the WildFire private cloud (hosted with a WF-500 appliance), depending on the analysis location defined for the rule.
You can also use the WildFire analysis profiles to set up a Wildfire hybrid cloud deployment. If you are using a WildFire appliance to analyze sensitive files locally (such as PDFs), you can specify for less sensitive files types (such as PE files) or file types that are not supported for WildFire appliance analysis (such as APKs) to be analyzed by the WildFire public cloud. Using both the WildFire appliance and the WildFire cloud for analysis allows you to benefit from a prompt verdict for files that have already been processed by the cloud, and for files that are not supported for appliance analysis, and frees up the appliance capacity to process sensitive content.

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