To generate a detailed report that can also be scheduled, you can configure a custom report and select from a list of all available URL filtering log fields.
Configure a Custom URL Filtering Report
Add a new custom report. Select Monitor > Manage Custom Reports and click Add. Enter a report Name, for example, My-URL-Custom-Report. From the Database drop-down, select URL Log.
Configure report options. Select the Time Frame drop-down and select a range. ( Optional ) To customize how the report is sorted and grouped, select Sort By and chose the number of items to display (top 25 for example) and then select Group By and select an option such as Category, and then select how many groups will be defined. In the Available Columns list, select the fields to include the report. The following columns are typically used for a URL report: Action Category Destination Country Source User URL
Run the report to check the results. If the results are satisfactory, set a schedule to run the report automatically. Click the Run Now icon to immediately generate the report that will appear in a new tab. ( Optional ) Click the Schedule check box to run the report once per day. This will generate a daily report that details web activity over the last 24 hours. To access the report, select Monitor > Report and then expand Custom Reports on the right column and select the report.
Save the configuration. Click Commit.

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