This report provides a quick method of viewing user or group activity and also provides an option to view browse time activity.
Generate a User Activity Report
Configure a User Activity Report. Select Monitor > PDF Reports > User Activity Report. Enter a report Name and select the report type. Select User to generate a report for one person, or select Group for a group of users. You must Enable User-ID in order to be able to select user or group names. If User-ID is not configured, you can select the type User and enter the IP address of the user’s computer. Enter the Username/IP address for a user report or enter the group name for a user group report. Select the time period. You can select an existing time period, or select Custom. Select the Include Detailed Browsing check box, so browsing information is included in the report.
Run the user activity report and then download the report. Click Run Now. After the report is generated, click the Download User Activity Report link.
After the report is downloaded, click Cancel and then click OK to save the report.
View the user activity report by opening the PDF file that was downloaded. The top of the report will contain a table of contents similar to the following:
Click an item in the table of contents to view details. For example, click Traffic Summary by URL Category to view statistics for the selected user or group.

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