End-of-Life (EoL)

Deploy User-ID in a Large-Scale Network

A large-scale network can have hundreds of information sources that firewalls query to map IP addresses to usernames and to map usernames to user groups. You can simplify User-ID administration for such a network by aggregating the user mapping and group mapping information before the User-ID agents collect it, thereby reducing the number of required agents.
A large-scale network can also have numerous firewalls that use the mapping information to enforce policies. You can reduce the resources that the firewalls and information sources use in the querying process by configuring some firewalls to acquire mapping information through redistribution instead of direct querying. Redistribution also enables the firewalls to enforce user-based policies when users rely on local sources for authentication (for example, regional directory services) but need access to remote resources (for example, global data center applications).

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